Guest Post on FPGA Insights

The FPGA Insights guest post program is designed to welcome experts who are interested in publishing one or a few posts on our website. If you are interested in becoming a regular monthly contributor, we encourage you to apply to our FPGA Insights Expert program.

Benefits of becoming a guest poster on FPGA Insights:

  1. Authorship credit: You will receive authorship credit for your guest post, showcasing your expertise to our readers.
  2. Author bio: You will have the opportunity to include a short bio at the end of your post, allowing you to introduce yourself and provide additional information about your background.
  3. Website and social media promotion: You can include links to your website and social media accounts in your author bio. These links will be embedded, providing you with an opportunity to promote your online presence.
  4. Access to a wide audience: FPGA Insights has a large and engaged audience of FPGA enthusiasts, professionals, and students. By guest posting on our platform, you will have the chance to reach a broad and diverse readership interested in FPGA technology.
  5. Association with a trusted brand: FPGA Insights is a well-known and established brand in the field of FPGA technology. By contributing to our website, you will associate yourself with a reputable platform that has been providing valuable insights since its inception.

While we encourage guest post submissions, there are certain rules that must be followed:

  1. Submission process: Please send us guest post pitches directly via email at Our editorial team will review your submission and provide feedback accordingly.
  2. Length requirement: Guest posts should be a minimum of 1,000 words in length. This ensures that the content provides substantial value to our readers.
  3. Relevance: The content of your guest post must be relevant to the subject matter of FPGA Insights. We focus on FPGA design, Verilog programming, VHDL development, and related topics.
  4. Originality: All submitted content must belong to you, be original, and not have been published elsewhere in any form. Plagiarism or duplicating content from other sources is strictly prohibited.
  5. Engaging and SEO-friendly content: Your post should have an interesting or catchy title and be optimized for search engines (SEO friendly) to ensure better visibility. High-quality, valuable content that adds value to our readership is our priority.
  6. Citing sources: If you include quotes from others or provide statistics, it is important to cite the source to maintain transparency and uphold ethical writing practices.
  7. Addition of affiliate links or advertising: FPGA Insights reserves the right to add affiliate links or advertising within or around a guest post. This helps support the maintenance and growth of our platform.
  8. No promotional posts: We do not accept posts that are purely promotional in nature, focusing solely on advertising a product, service, or company.
  9. High-value website or blog links: We do not accept guest posts containing links to low-value websites or blogs. Links should provide relevant and high-quality resources for our readers.
  10. No affiliate links: Posts containing affiliate links will not be accepted.

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