Igor Krymsky’s Vision: Shaping the Future of FPGA from an Expert’s Viewpoint

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FPGA Insights has engaged in an exclusive interview with Igor Krymsky, FPGA Engineer at vSync Circuits, Ltd

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Q1) Can you provide an overview of your organization and the services/products it offers?

Our organization provides FPGA design services to industry companies.

Q2) What are the most significant trends observed in the FPGA industry over the past year? How will these trends shape the industry’s future?

In my opinion, the trend is that large companies like AMD and Intel buying the two largest FPGA vendors (Xilinx and Altera in respect). Intel’s FPGAs are already lagging behind, it remains to be seen what will happen in the case of Xilinx.

Q3) How do you see FPGA development evolving to meet the demands of modern applications and complex workloads?

I see that FPGA development tries to evolve to use high-level software languages for FPGA development, however, that does not advance.

Q4) Key drivers behind the increasing adoption of FPGAs in various applications and industries?

FPGAs are very flexible and allow us to solve complicated tasks without many devices and complicated system architectures – which calls for greater adoption in more applications.

Q5) Sectors that stand to benefit the most from FPGA integration, and why? 

All the industry sectors might benefit. One sector that we still don’t see it in is the PC market, where FPGAs are still not present due to their slightly higher cost, but I think we will begin to see it on newer PC motherboards soon.

Q6) Advice for students and professionals interested in pursuing a career in FPGA development to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies.

Advice to students pursuing an FPGA career: The engineer of today must have a solid base in electronics (i.e. at least a basic level of what is called “board design” knowledge is totally vital), be proficient in digital design, be aware of the many system architectures there are (for example understand how a PC is built, even at a conceptual level); always be ready to learn new things.


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