Empowering Tomorrow’s Tech: Shravan Karantha on Unleashing FPGA Innovations

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FPGA Insights has engaged in an exclusive interview with Shravan Karantha, FPGA Design Engineer at Cyient

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Q1) Can you provide an overview of your experience with FPGA design projects mentioning a few that you’ve worked on, starting with a brief introduction?

To brief me about projects worked. I worked for a defense company called Alpha design. I developed vector modulators with dpsk, msk, and Pam modulation in spartan 6 FPGA… next coherent oscillator which estimates phase of Pechora radar TX using artix 7 FPGA. Then I developed a pechora transmitter control card using artix 7… further present company I developed a vhdl code for obsolescence ic sc28c94 and integrated and tested it in lattice fpga. The next project is the flight landing navcom system using microsemi fpga. We developed a High adc interface with three Stages of fir filter implementation.

Q2) Can you explain the benefits of using FPGAs over other types of processors?

Since I have worked in a microcontroller. When it comes to FPGA. They are more reliable. We can do multiple tasks up to 1000 tasks or more, within a single clock cycle, wherein the processor requires a lot of timing calculation.

Q3) What are the most significant trends observed in the FPGA industry over the past year? How will these trends shape the industry’s future?

FPGA is the future of the digital market. All AI ML requires high-speed processing. This is only possible by FPGA.

Q4) Key drivers behind the increasing adoption of FPGAs in various applications and industries?

High speed, reliable, and efficient.

Q5) Sectors that stand to benefit the most from FPGA integration, and why?

Data centers, satellite sectors, the communication sector, then even graphic processing.

Q6) The role of FPGAs in accelerating AI applications and advancements expected shortly?

AI is real-time data processing, it’s possible only by parallel computing, so FPGA is the solution to it.

Q7) Advice for students and professionals interested in pursuing a career in FPGA development to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies.

The main problem is the lack of knowledge about FPGA in lectures. This leads to fewer people interested in the FPGA field. Further, this field welcomes only whoever is interested. It will not entertain those who are not interested. Learn FPGA to have a better package.


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