Europe Takes a Quantum Leap in Semiconductor Technology: European Chips Act Comes into Force

Piyush Gupta

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Brussels, 21 September 2023– It marks a pivotal moment in the technological landscape as the European Chips Act takes center stage, signaling a resounding commitment to secure the European Union’s position as a global leader in semiconductor technologies and applications.

The European Chips Act is not just a policy; it’s a grand vision to empower Europe to thrive in the digital age. The EU’s ambitious aim is to double its current global market share to an impressive 20% by 2030, cementing its status as a semiconductor powerhouse.

The European Union enters a new era of technological excellence with the European Chips Act, a landmark initiative with three core pillars designed to elevate Europe’s position in semiconductor technology.

Pillar One: Chips for Europe Initiative 

Backed by €3.3 billion of EU funds and matched by Member States, this initiative bridges the gap between research and innovation. It fuels advanced pilot production lines, a cloud-based design platform, quantum chip development, and a Chips Fund for business support.

Pillar Two: Security of Supply 

Europe reinforces its semiconductor supply by attracting investments in manufacturing facilities. Integrated Production Facilities and Open EU Foundries are championed, with potential state aid support, ensuring Europe’s technological sovereignty.

Pillar Three: Collaborative Coordination 

The Act establishes a collaborative mechanism between Member States and the Commission to monitor and address semiconductor supply chain disruptions. A semiconductor alert system is now in place.

The European Chips Act propels Europe to the forefront of semiconductor technology and secures its future in the digital age.



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