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Revolutionizing Connectivity: Logic Fruit Technologies Introduces Cutting-Edge CAN Controller IP Core

Piyush Gupta

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In a groundbreaking move to redefine industry benchmarks, Logic Fruit Technologies, a leading provider of IPs, Embedded Solutions, and Product Engineering Services, has proudly unveiled its latest creation—the dynamic CAN Controller IP Core.

This innovative solution promises advanced communication and high-speed versatility, catering to the unique needs of automotive, medical, and industrial connectivity.

Advanced Features for Seamless Automotive Communications

Designed to operate at data rates up to 1 Mbps, the CAN Controller IP Core takes a giant leap forward in enhancing communication protocols.

The Controller Area Network (CAN), a serial half-duplex, and differential two-wired asynchronous communication protocol, facilitates seamless communication between microcontrollers and devices, eliminating the need for a host computer.

As a Bus Controller conforming to CAN 2.0B under CAN FD specifications, this CAN protocol finds applications across various market verticals, including automobiles, medical devices, and industrial automation.

Shashank Chaurasia on Innovation Driving Progress

Shashank Chaurasia, Business Unit Head of Logic Fruit Technologies, emphasizes the company’s commitment to innovation.

He states, “With the launch of our CAN RTL IP Core, we’re taking a significant leap forward in communication protocols.

This versatile and efficient solution, equipped with high data rates and seamless integration capabilities, is set to redefine communication standards across industries.”

Versatility in CAN-Based Protocols

One notable feature of this CAN-based protocol is the absence of identifying information for nodes on the bus.

This simplicity allows for easy insertion or deletion from any network without requiring updates to software or hardware systems.

The CAN protocol excels in providing broadcast message transmission, enabling all nodes in the network to access transmitted messages.

Nodes can then decide whether to accept or filter out the message based on their specific requirements.

About Logic Fruit Technologies

Established in 2009, Logic Fruit Technologies has emerged as a global leader in Product Engineering and Design Services. Renowned as a one-stop solution provider for embedded design and development, the company specializes in creating FPGA/SoC-based heterogeneous systems. Their expertise extends to high-speed interfaces like PCIe, CXL, Ethernet, and JESD204B & C. Notable clients include ISRO, DRDO labs, Collins Aerospace, Indian Airforce, and Hindustan Aeronautical Limited.

For more details on this groundbreaking technology, visit Logic Fruit Technologies’ official announcement.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technological advancements, Logic Fruit Technologies continues to lead the way, shaping the future of connectivity and communication.


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