Logic Fruit Technologies unveils LIN Master Slave IP Core for efficient automotive connectivity

Piyush Gupta

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Logic Fruit Technologies, a rapidly expanding provider of IPs, Embedded Solutions, and product engineering services, has announced the launch of its exclusive LIN Master Slave IP Core. This simplified embedded solution, catering to the automotive industry, supports data up to 20Kbps.

The Local Interconnect Network (LIN) is a broadcasting, Single Master, and Multi-Slave (up to 16) communication protocol designed for features where CAN is unnecessary. With a single-wire interface, LIN is the optimal alternative to CAN for low-speed applications that don’t require high bandwidth.

In response to the launch announcement, Shashank Chaurasia, Business Unit Head of Logic Fruit Technologies, stated that the LIN Master Slave IP Core was developed to offer a cost-effective and simplified solution for low-speed applications in the automotive industry. The goal is to meet the growing demand for LIN in the automotive sector and provide clients with advanced embedded solutions.

The self-synchronised interface eliminates the need for external oscillators, reducing implementation costs and complexity. This technology finds applications in car components like window lifts, mirrors, wipers, and rain sensors.

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