Intel Announces Rebranding of Altera FPGA Business: Paving the Way for Independence

Piyush Gupta


February 29, 2024Intel Corporation today unveiled a strategic move in the technology industry, announcing the rebranding of its Programmable Solutions Group, Altera, in a bid to position, it as an independent entity in the future. Sandra Rivera, the newly appointed head of Altera, spearheaded the decision which reflects Intel’s commitment to evolving market demands and enhancing brand resonance.

The decision to revert to the well-established Altera brand follows meticulous consideration of industry dynamics and customer feedback. Notably, Altera, an Intel company since its acquisition in December 2015, is poised to embark on a journey towards operational autonomy, with plans for a potential IPO in the pipeline.

Aligned with this branding update, Altera also unveiled enhancements to its FPGA portfolio and outlined an ambitious roadmap for future innovations. As discussions surrounding AI solutions gained traction, Altera affirmed its commitment to leveraging FPGA technology for AI inference, offering a versatile alternative to GPU and ASIC solutions.

In line with its strategic realignment, Altera showcased a renewed focus on high-end applications, envisioning transformative solutions across various industries. The company’s product strategy emphasizes longevity, with products designed to cater to evolving needs over extended lifecycles.

Acknowledging the significance of re-establishing Altera as an independent brand, the company unveiled comprehensive plans to solidify its market presence. Through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions, Altera aims to carve a distinct identity in the competitive landscape.

As Altera charts its course as an independent entity, it aims to capitalize on emerging opportunities and deliver cutting-edge solutions that redefine industry standards. With a renewed focus on innovation and customer-centricity, Altera is poised to lead the next wave of technological advancements.

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Source: Intel


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